Beetles for Breakfast…And other weird and wonderful ways to save the planet by Madeleine Finlay and Jisu Choi

Beetles for Breakfast is a visually stunning book crammed with detail and numerous weird and wonderful ideas on how to reduce the impact climate change is having on our planet. Children are encouraged to use their imagination to solve problems that may seem insurmountable and to find practical ways to help.

This book takes a look at what life could be like in the future thanks to the imaginative new ways scientists are finding to help protect the environment. Each chapter begins with a scene from daily life and then as the reader turns the pages these are transformed into a futuristic version and then a more detailed explanation of each topic. The typical scenes include, At the Breakfast Table, At School, In the Park, In the Bathroom and At the Beach providing a sense of the familiar.

The tone is light hearted at times but the astonishing amount of facts and detail included and the scientific language used make this a valuable source of information. There is a helpful glossary included at the end providing definitions of the more difficult vocabulary. The broad range of topics included include alternative sources of energy, environmental food alternatives, and inventions inspired by nature. Much of the information is conveyed within the eye catching illustrations by Jisu Choi and these invite the reader to linger and examine them in detail. The vibrant use of colour and the modern infographic style will tempt many readers to explore this book.

The final pages describe ways in which we the readers can do our bit to help. From starting your own wormery to writing to your MP, tips on DIY beauty products and going plastic free for a week each are achievable and will encourage children. The closing sentence sums up the positive tone of this appealing book: “No action is too small, and perhaps one day you’ll be an inventor, conservationist, activist, engineer, farmer or architect leading the way to a bright, cool future!”

I should like to thank the publishers, Flying Eye Books, for providing my review copy. Beetles for Breakfast was published on 1st September and is available to purchase online at

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5 Responses to Beetles for Breakfast…And other weird and wonderful ways to save the planet by Madeleine Finlay and Jisu Choi

  1. This looks and sounds absolutely amazing, my children would have loved a book like this & I’m actually tempted to buy a copy for the teen! Thanks so much for highlighting it Anne.


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