First Names: Albert Einstein by Haydn Kaye illustrated by Mike Smith – Blog Tour – David Fickling Books

First Names is a series of interesting, lively and highly illustrated biographies that introduces some truly amazing individuals who lived incredible lives, to an audience of young readers. Published by David Fickling Books and full of detailed information presented in an appealing style these books encourage children to learn and to research further whilst also being suitable for reading for pleasure. They tick a lot of boxes! I am delighted to be taking part in the blog tour to launch their latest title in the series.

Cover artwork – Mike Smith

This new book in the First Names series features a remarkable scientist, a man who won the Nobel Prize one hundred years ago this year and who, in 1999, was named the Times Magazine’s Person of the Century. Albert Einstein was someone who had a dramatic impact but many know little about the life, background and personality of this renowned scientist. This new biography for children fleshes out the person behind the achievements, his childhood, his hopes and struggles, his family and his home balancing his outstanding contribution to our understanding of our world.

Illustration by Mike Smith

From the age of five and Albert’s fascination with a how a compass works the reader observes how as a child he questioned everything, wanting to think, explore and use his imagination rather than fill his head with facts. Einstein did not conform; he struggled with formal education, was forgetful and untidy yet ultimately he made a huge and lasting impact. This biography in addition to adding to the understanding of a famous scientist also encourages readers to nurture a sense of wonder and possibilities and to use their imaginations.

The engaging and accessible style ensures that young readers are quickly drawn in and many of the facts are presented within the illustrations by Mike Smith and there is a good balance between the personal aspect of Einstein’s life and his scientific achievements. The final pages include a useful glossary, helpful timeline and a full index. This is a book that children could enjoy as interesting biography and also as a source for research and would be useful for both upper primary and lower secondary age groups.

Illustration by Mike Smith

First Names: Albert was published on 6th May by David Fickling Books and I should like to thank them for providing my review copy and for inviting me to take part in this blog tour. Please do follow the rest of the tour taking place this week.

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