Zeki Loves Mummy – Words by Anna McQuinn Pictures by Ruth Hearson

The latest in the Zeki series is a joy filled look at a baby’s typical day featuring those everyday moments that are in reality the important moments at the heart of a toddler’s life. A small book full of love and perfect for new babies and new mums.

We meet Zeki and his mummy first thing in the morning as she wakes him with a game of peek-a-boo and follow them through their day until bedtime when Zeki curls up with mummy for cuddles and a story. Each double page spread features an activity that will be familiar to a little person and will encourage them to engage, look and listen. There is den building with cushions, a trip to baby gym, a bike ride, lunch and painting. All of this is presented as being great fun and there are smiles on every page; encouraging both the mum who is reading it and the toddler listening.

The text is in rhyming couplets making this a delight to read aloud and giving it a happy bounce. I think it would encourage actions as you read too. The illustrations by Ruth Hearson complement the text perfectly and depict the loving bond between parent and child. Their closeness in the pictures and the mirroring of actions and expressions is beautifully done. Zeki has a small cuddly toy that accompanies him everywhere, a concept familiar to both children and parents, and the little seahorse is visible on every page, sometimes peeping from a pocket, or behind a cushion. This gives the child listening to the story a chance to become involved by searching for the seahorse and identifying where it is. A lovely touch for teaching vocabulary.

The book is made of sturdy card with rounded corners making it suitable for eager little hands who want to share the story fully. I love Zeki Loves Mummy, it made me smile and I think it will make parents and toddlers smile too. This would be a lovely present for a new baby or for Mothers’ Day and useful for early years settings too.

Thank you to the publishers Alana Max for providing my review copy. Zeki Loves Mummy is published on 28th February and is available to purchase online

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