Where’s Baby Elephant by Ali Khodai

This is a delightful, attractive and interactive book introducing the animal kingdom to young children and would be a lovely gift.

From the eye catching cover to the happy resolution on the final page this lovely book has been a hit with my whole family. The vibrant illustrations are attractive and the array of animals on the front prompt happy book chat before you even turn to the first page. There is a helpful list at the start providing the names of the parents and babies included in the story and this is a perfect way to combine learning with fun. We are invited to “unfold the flaps” but the way in which Ali Khodai has linked the animals together is innovative and extremely effective. Every adult I have shown this book to has commented on the original and clever presentation and it caused great merriment for the youngest member of the family. For example the lions blend into hedgehogs and then to orangutans causing a surprise with each unfold.

This is a clever and enjoyable treat to share and has been read and reread several times already. I have a feeling this will be a long standing family favourite. My three year old assistant reviewer has announced that she “really likes this book” and she’s a discerning audience! Already it is being read to her favourite toys which is a sure sign of approval. This has a traditional feel to it and the hardback edition has sturdy fold out pages making it a great book for toddlers and early years settings. I can wholeheartedly recommend this and it would be a beautiful present.

If I haven’t convinced you the helpful team at Tiny Owl have produced a wonderful video which displays the interactive element beautifully.

Thank you very much to Tiny Owl publishing for providing my copy. Where’s Baby Elephant? was published on 1st October and is available to purchase on the Tiny Owl website. Their are many other fabulous picture books from Tiny Owl and one of my favourites is Felix After the Rain.

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