Eagle Warrior by Gill Lewis

In her latest book Gill Lewis combines her knowledge, understanding and concern for wildlife with her skill in storytelling to create a thought provoking read that will enthral children and inspire them to think about conservation.

Ten year old Bobbie lives on the family farm on the Scottish moors with her parents and Granny. She is thrilled that a golden eagle has settled near them and she and Granny watch him with care and interest. However not everyone feels the same about this majestic bird and Bobbie is distressed to discover this in a brutal manner. One day while out walking, her Granny’s beloved dog is poisoned and dies so Bobbie now knows that the bird is in danger is and she is determined to protect the eagle. Sometimes difficulties arrive together in life and she must also deal with the possibility that she will be sent away to school so Bobbie must now find the strength to fight for the things that matter most to her.

Inspired by the true story of the ‘disappearance’ of a Golden Eagle called Fred in suspicious circumstances near a Scottish grouse moor this book raises many questions about environmental issues. Children are increasingly aware of the threat to our natural habitat and this thrilling adventure will engage them and encourage them to research further into the subject too. Gill Lewis has pledged to send her PLR royalties from this book to Wild Justice, a new organisation challenging the legalities of wildlife law.

However it is the story itself that will spark interest in young readers. Bobbie’s character is appealing and children will want things to be resolved happily for both her and the golden eagle she cares so much about. Barrington Stoke publishers have ensured that this story is accessible to a wide range of readers and it is presented in their usual super readable style. This would also make a good read aloud for the classroom prompting discussion and linking well to lessons on environmental issues.

Eagle Warrior is out now and can be bought in all good bookshops or online

If you would like a quick taste of Eagle Warrior the first chapter is available on the Barrington Stoke website There is information about Golden Eagles and their current situation on the Scottish Wildlife website

Gill Lewis has written many excellent children books on the theme of our natural world and if you are looking for another accessible, short read I would highly recommend Run Wild.

I would like to thank Kirstin Lamb and Barrington Stoke for my free review copy.

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