All the Ways to be Smart written by Davina Bell illustrated by Allison Colpoys

A celebration of what makes each and every child special, this positive and joy filled book acts as a reassuring balance to the message that the only things that matter are those that can be measured and assessed.

“I can’t wait to share with you how smart you are the whole day through.”

From the opening lines this book’s message is an extremely positive one. The rhyming text continues to explain that being smart is not only about having work marked as correct but also about being creative or practical or knowing how to use your imagination. Perhaps even more importantly being smart means being kind and caring and knowing how to be a thoughtful friend. All manner of life skills are included and acknowledged as a vital part of learning and growing. Everything from being able to choose what to wear to having a go at things even when you are scared is celebrated and valued. So many different aspects are included that each and every child sharing this book will discover that they are smart at something. I love the idea of a child listening to this read aloud or reading it alone and realising that their skills or things they enjoy matter. Even being able sit still and quiet is mentioned, a skill not all little people can manage for very long!

The cheerful illustrations are slightly nostalgic in appearance but are also diverse and inclusive and a delight for young children to examine. They complement the text well and the overall tone of the book is a comforting one. A lovely book to share both at home and in school this has the added advantage of being both reassuring and encouraging.

Thank you very much to the publishers, Scribe Publications UK Ltd, for providing my review copy.

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2 Responses to All the Ways to be Smart written by Davina Bell illustrated by Allison Colpoys

  1. This is such a wonderful review. I am going to add this book to the wishlist for the school library!


    • alibrarylady says:

      Thank you. The book has such a positive message and I love the illustrations too. I’ve passed it on to a ‘good home’ and hope you’re able to get a copy for the library soon.


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