Book Advent – 13th December Lucky Wish Mouse – White Christmas by Clara Vulliamy

This magical story starring Lucky Wish Mouse and her ten tinies would be a charming treat to share with pre-schoolers in the run up to Christmas complete with sparkly pages and a comforting theme.

Lucky Wish Mouse White Christmas cover

In this first of a series we meet Lucky Wish Mouse and her family of ten tinies (baby mice) who live in their little teapot house.  They are busy preparing for Christmas frantically baking, making last minute additions to lists and putting up decorations and stockings. Finally the ten tinies are snuggled up in bed waiting with great anticipation for Christmas to arrive. They wait and they wait. For a whole five minutes. Nothing has happened, no presents, absolutely nothing. They begin to fret that their presents will never arrive. So the smallest, tiniest mouse of all ventures out in to the snow in search of Christmas. She scurries on in darkness through the deep snow, a small determined explorer in a pink sleepsuit. There is just the right amount of mild peril for the very youngest readers (or listeners) until rescue in the shape of mum, Lucky Wish Mouse, appears. Safely home again and reunited with her brothers and sisters everyone decides that the most important aspect to a happy Christmas is everyone being together. Safe in this knowledge the whole family settle down to sleep just in time for an important visitor to arrive via the teapot lid ensuring that Christmas will arrive after all.


This is such a sweet story and has always gone down a treat with pre-school listeners in the school library at storytime. It has a charm and magic that appeals to the very young. They love the illustrations and the enchanting miniature world with the chocolate box bed and the paper clip mobile. There is opportunity for counting games with the ten mice and their accessories too. Young children also love being aware of the aspects of the story line before the characters with lots of calling out and pointing as they realise that things will turn out happily in the end.

White Christmas is a lovely book for sharing, with a comforting and reassuring feel for little people at Christmas time.


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