Book Advent – 6th December Christmas at the Toy Museum by David Lucas

A gentle story with bright, cheerful illustrations celebrating the theme of giving, this has been fondly appreciated by pre-school children at library storytime.

Christmas at the Toy Museum cover

It’s Christmas Eve at the Toy Museum. All the visitors have left so the toys hurry to the tree to find their presents. But there aren’t any presents there. What can they give each other? Bunting, the toy cat and ‘’group leader’’ decides that they will give each other. This works splendidly until as the final toy is unwrapped they realise that there is no gift left for poor Bunting.

Bunting has an old fashioned ”lord of the manner” air about him complete with waxed moustache and tweeds which give him a serious look but this hides a kindly disposition. It is a relief therefore when Bunting’s lack of Christmas present is resolved. The added bonus is that a real fairy comes to his rescue with a spot of magic.

This picture book has a gentle, slightly nostalgic feel to it and has a charm that has appealed to nursery age children when read aloud. The setting and the toys are inspired by the Museum of Childhood in London and the toys themselves can be found in the museum’s collection. The endpapers are lovely as they show all the toys and their names and children enjoy examining the detail in these.


A short read but an affectionate and happy one that has been a hit in the school library for several years.

The Museum of Childhood, where the toys in the story ”live”, has several special events taking place over the Christmas season. You may like to visit their website to find out more.

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